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Home Remodeling and Building Contractor 

Serving Greenwich Fairfield CT & Westchester County NY

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

A kitchen and bathroom renovation depicting the different build stages required to complete the final look. If you're a seasoned home renovator or have been part of the process, the following images won't startle you. For the home ownership newbies, these 'rough-in' steps are necessary to create that final desired look. Kitchens and bathrooms, inevitably require new wiring and plumbing to keep up with today's building codes. It's not worth it to you to skimp on such things as replacing old wiring which could potentially start a fire if you overload the circuits with modern day appliances. Depending on the local building codes, it is now necessary to protect kitchen and bathroom circuits with GFI's. These outlets are designed to pick up and trip the circuit should it detect a possible fault. As a homeowner, you are at the mercy of your contractors. You should employ referral based contractors that have a good reputation or ask the contractor for a referral list so that you do your own diligent checks. Quite often it is suggested that you receive 3 quotes to compare the project and special note should be taken to ask the right questions pertaining to the process and which materials are to be used. It is also common to be in receipt of wildly different estimates. I have been called to so many projects over the years to rectify other contractors mess-ups because they skimped on materials and correct construction methods. Always ask as many questions as you feel are applicable because it's very difficult to get these guys back to put it right. Once you've done your due diligence, the process becomes a joy to be part of as you see the day-2-day process evolve into your dream kitchen or bathroom.

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