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Home Remodeling and Building Contractor 

Serving Greenwich Fairfield CT & Westchester County NY

Hardwood Flooring and Tile Contractor 

I have worked with the same team of hardwood flooring installers for the past 15 years.; quite simply, because we share the same work ethics and quality standards. Understanding what the customer requires from our team is paramount. So, we sit down with our clients to discuss wood species, application and stain options. We then produce a bunch of color swatches on the floor after prepping the area. This gives you a true insight into how the final finish will look.

When working with different wood species, we can adjust the stain to maintain color uniformity, as an example - when oak floors butt up

to a pine staircase.  We can also match spindles and handrails. We can also disguise heating vents by installing flush wooden vent covers

that run seamlessly throughout the floor. 

We give the options of oil, water based anlow VOC applications and explain the benefits of both. Oil finishes are more resilient for high traffic areas, including pets. Water based products have gotten better and are now more resistant to scratching. Personally, I prefer to let the wood breathe and believe water based products give a more natural, less manufactured look. If you like the look of pre-finished, engineered wood, we can install that too. Bear in mind should a scratch happen, it's tough to repair.  

Most contractors now use dustless systems to refinish flooring, but it's a foregone conclusion that an amount of dust will linger somewhere.

Be diligent with your search and choice of all trades people. Referrals are the best and give you the opportunity to view our work.

And, please don't be fooled by those that offer two thicker coats of polyurethane opposed to the standard 3 coat application. I have seen

many floors wear prematurely. 3 coats is required for oil urethanes and I strongly suggest 4 coats if you choose waterborne urethanes.

Be prepared to be out of your house for at least 5 days during the floor refinishing process to allow adequate drying time between layers.

It doesn't pay to expedite as this will only ruin your floor. Like all good things in life - be patient with the process.

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