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Home Remodeling and Building Contractor 

Serving Greenwich Fairfield CT & Westchester County NY



In the early days of my remodeling career, computer technology was in its infancy and the internet was but a glint in a software technologists eye. I diligently took 35mm pictures of my work and created vast portfolios. These portfolios were critical to my business, as I wanted to show prospective clients in Greenwich, CT, my creativity coupled with a vast array of remodeling ideas. These portfolios proved cumbersome, lagging around my shoulder at every visit. Today, showcasing my work has become more simple and all of the projects can be stored and ready for viewing through a laptop. Unfortunately, all of those older photographs remain within folders because they don't transfer well to digital.

Below are a few remodeling projects which showcase kitchens, bathrooms, and an addition. As time progresses I will add more of these to bolster these sections.

It's common knowledge within the world of construction and real estate that home remodels can be fruitful if completed correctly. Improving functionality and flow in the home can harmonize the human psyche and reduce the stress in our busy lives. Additions allow families to grow comfortably, adding more space to move around, unhindered.  Removing walls and creating open spaces in the kitchen area, will keep the kids under your watchful eye at all times. Who wouldn't love a new larger kitchen area with a better flow ?  Installing built-in cubbies in the mudroom contains the mess and lets the kids know where to find their shoes and coat rather than it be draped over a chair somewhere. Adding well-designed Jack-and-ill bathrooms with two sinks can cut down on the morning rush. Hands-up those who enjoy waiting outside the 'occupied' bathroom ?


If we can all start the day off with a little less stress ... who knows what we can achieve !





Project 1 entails a pool house teardown and rebuild, then an addition of a sun room

Project 2 involves down to the studs: kitchen and bathroom remodels

Project 3 entails complete home redecoration in classical style, interior design

Portfolio A 

Kitchen and bathroom remodels

Portfolio B

Custom Built-ins and mill work

Portfolio C

Miscellaneous and unique, home remodeling projects

Roofing Portfolio

Asphalt shingle


Cedar Shingle

EPDM - Flat roofing

Slate & Concrete tile

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